Anne hathaway dating jim sturgess

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Anne said she played four different time periods in one day.It was crazy.' Sturgess admired the discipline Scherfig brought to the film.His good looks are obvious, but with an everyman quality, as Julie Taymor notes during a phone conversation a few days later.'He is "movie star" in his looks, but without losing the reality.And so the book does, too, dropping in on their lives every July 15.

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As with most films, One Day was filmed out of sequence, but because of the 20-year time span the hardest part for Sturgess was 'being on top of where they were in their lives.

Because the script loses the inner voice, 'you have to rely on the actors to give that.

And I think there are times when Dexter is being incredibly insensitive or gauche and cruel and you can see in Jim's eyes the good intentions, you can see the shame and the regret and the desire to be a decent person.' Intriguingly, Sturgess used Dexter's costumes as building blocks towards gaining an understanding of him.

The novel One Day is a book that people like to give to their friends. Written by David Nicholls, One Day is essentially a love story between two friends, Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhew, which unfolds over the course of 20 years.

So much so, that since its publication in 2009, word of mouth and critical acclaim have led it to be published in 31 countries and become the bestselling British novel of 2010. They meet on July 15 (St Swithin's Day) 1988, during an evening of drunken partying on their final night at Edinburgh University, have a sort of one-night stand and vow to stay in touch.

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